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Social Networking – Our View

Designs by Rosier, LLC which is located in Williamsburg Virginia. ?We uses social networking?as a method of enhancing your website by pointing people to your main website. ?We help in the enhancement?of tools like Facebook, Linked-In, Google Places for Business?to get more traffic to your website. ?We also find that many of our clients have already developed social networking tools, so in that case we apply SEO to your social networking site.? We?consider some of these social media sites and enhancement tools keys to SEO:

Facebook -?Many of our customers are excellent in using Facebook as a means of keeping customers up to date with both pictures and text about what is critical with their business.

Linked-In -?Linked-In is an excellent way to talk about yourself and your employees, their experience, knowledge, and work history. With the proper modifications it can be an excellent search engine optimization tool.

YouTube – This is an excellent way to show case your business and business processes.

Google Places For Business -?This is one tool that we feel is critical to your business. Google places for Business helps your customers find your business, learn about your hours and location. They can also take an online tour of your business, get directions, plus see pictures and videos that helps sell your company.

Bing Places for Business – Look alike to Google Places for Business

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

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Designs by Rosier, LLC which is located in?Williamsburg Virginia and since 2005 has been devoted to?WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT… & SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION…? Our websites are created with getting your business the BEST search engine placement or SEO already in place.? Our primary web development tool is WordPress and Yoast for SEO.? WordPress gives our firm the ability to create websites that are not only pleasing to the eye, but are functional with?their own built-in user back office.

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