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Bill Rosier specializes in Search Engine Optimization in Williamsburg VADifferent Approach to SEO

1. We identifying what makes your business unique.

2. We determining the keywords your customers associate with your business.

3. We modifying the meta title, description for each page on your website

4. We determining page themes and text to photo ratios

5. We track the number of visitors to your site, pages visited, measuring internal/external links, and identifying keywords used to find your site

6. We recommend changes to your website based on measured traffic patterns, search words, and site organization

7. We make recommendations or changes to your existing website when it effects your search engine results.

8. We recommend the use of social networking tools like Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In, Google Places for Business.

9. We only use Pay Per Click as a short term solution. Our optimization tends to hold its position over a long period of time