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bill-rosier-head-shotPreparing For SEO

At Designs by Rosier, LLC we find the following development patterns take place when working with clients in Hampton Roads, or nationally. ?What Bill Rosier has attempted to do on this page is identify things you can do when preparing to work with a SEO developer. ?The more we can learn about your business the better it is for your search engine results.



What we recommend to existing clients and those thinking about becoming client is to develop a list of keywords that you feel would be used in a search to find your business. You can pickup keywords by;

  • Newspapers, magazines competitor ads
  • TV and radio advertisements
  • Asking your customers what they searched on to find you

gathering-informationGathering Information

We also recommend that you gather the following information for Designs by Rosier to help in the SEO development process;

  1. Social networking sites you have associated with your business. These could include, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, etc.
  2. Have you setup a Google Places for business map?
  3. If you already have an website who is hosting it, and how was the website developed, WordPress, Dreamweaver, third party software.
  4. What domains do you have associated with your website and where are they hosted?
  5. What other forms of advertising have you used in the past?