Designs by Rosier LLC - Wordpress Development - SEO or Search Engine Placement

wordpressDesigns by Rosier, LLC of Williamsburg Virginia offers tradition HTML website development, as well as WordPress development. ?WordPress is an shareware product which helps in keep the cost of development low to you.

The advantages of WordPress:

? WordPress creates its own back-office
? It is shareware so most of the templates we have to select from are free
? As you add or remove people I can show you how to do it yourself
? WordPress is very effective with the search engines
? It also offers great banner graphics that can be viewed on Microsoft and Apple products
? You also get to pick the template look you want for the site.


Creates a Back-Office

WordPress is different than most website development tools because it creates a back-office so both the developer and the website owner can make changes to the website. ?Shown is the editor for individual pages contained on this website.


Select The Template

Since WordPress is a shareware product it is designed to allow you to select from a range of templates. ?Each template is offered in a lite version, and as an upgrade $$$. ?What Bill Rosier normally does is have the client pick the template and then he does the initial setup.